Review of top 5 Lip Gloss from Lakme Absolute


Review of top 5 Lip Gloss from Lakme Absolute



Lakme has introduced the absolute range which has got skin care as well as make up products in it. I have recently tried different shades of plum and shine lip gloss from Lakme absolute and I like some of the shades.

The shades which I have chosen consists of nude as well as darker colors therefore, I think it will suit every skin tone.  So, I thought of sharing my most favorite top 5 lip gloss and I am sure it will definitely help you in choosing the right one for your lips.

1. Plum shine

This is good for every skin tone. It is the darkest shade of pink. Has shiny micro particles in it and does not bleed. The shade is pigmented and lasts long.

plum shinebuy now blue


2. Cherry shine

It is a bit more towards orange color. A good shade for beginners and is well pigmented.

cherry shinebuy now blue


3. Rose shine

The best color to wear in a day with light make up. It is a mauve color that will suit medium complexion.

rose shine lip glossbuy now blue


4.Beige shine

Almost a nude shade. The shimmers add shine to the lips but that does not stay for long. this shade might look pale on darker skin tones.

beige shinebuy now blue


5. Red shine

Red is the only color that no can go wrong with it. As it is a lip gloss so this can be used as an over coat. It looks good on all skin tones.

red shine lip glossbuy now blue

What is different in Plum and shine lip gloss by Lakme Absolute?

As the name suggests it is a shiny lip gloss as it has shimmer particles in it. It is a 3D lip gloss that enhances the beauty of the lips. Available in trendy colors that can be used by all the skin tones in various occasions. Most of the shades are well pigmented and are quite reasonable.


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