The Best Hair Dryers India Has – To Blow All Your Hair Problems Away!

best hair dryers India

The Best Hair Dryers India Has – To Blow All Your Hair Problems Away!

All of us know that the overall climate of India is tropical. So, humidity is pretty common. And do you know what humidity is not great for? Hair.

Honestly, we are all busy people. Well, most of us are. And many of us depend on hair products like hairdryers and hair straighteners to make our hair look good. That’s why we are going to talk about the best hair dryers India has to offer.

Nowadays, people don’t have time to wait for air-drying their hair regularly. Nor do they have time to make DIY hair masks or other things that could naturally change their hair texture. Why? Because they consume a lot of time. And anyway, hairdryers are like a long-term investment.

The potential damage aside, hair dryers give you instant results in minimum time and that too, with minimum efforts. This makes you want to buy a hair dryer for yourself, doesn’t it?

So, in the first section of this article, we are going to talk about the factors that must be on your mind when you are buying a hairdryer. And then, we will take a look at the 7 best hair dryers India-based companies have manufactured. This is to briefly understand their features and to cover additional factors not mentioned in the first part.

Finally, we will deal with some commonly asked questions about the best hair dryer in India.

Factors to look for while purchasing the best hair dryers India

Many factors come together to decide which hair dryer is best for you. So, here are a few important ones that will help.


Though some of the companies do not mention the technology they use, the main ones used in the hairdryers are infrared technology and ionic technology.


These rays are a part of the electromagnetic spectrum and are produced by heated objects. The common materials in hair dryers like ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline get heated to high temperatures and produce IR waves. The waves then proceed to dry the hair by absorbing the moisture from it.


The ionic technology is very commonly used in professional hair dryers these days. In this, the substances that do the job of hair drying are negative ions.

When a hair dryer having ionic technology is operated, the materials generate negative ions. The ions attach to the hair surface (cuticles) and provide a sleeker appearance to the hair altogether. The science behind this is very easy to understand.

Our hair strands are positively charged. And the ions released by the materials (ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline) are negatively charged. The basic science principle we have all heard is that when positive meets negative, they cancel each other out. So, the positively charged hair cuticles are stabilized by the negative ions and hence, the sleeker and frizz-free appearance.

The rest of the normal, cheap hair dryers use neither of the technologies. Instead, they have a coil inside that heat up and emit hot air.

Speed settings

Generally, a hair dryer has at least 2 or 3 settings for adjusting speed. So, the more the speed settings, the more is the ease with which you can dry your hair. Also, some hair dryers provide fan settings along with the speed adjusting option.

Heat settings

Again, hair dryers have at least 2 or 3 settings for adjusting the heat. Some of the products offer the same buttons for both speed and heat. They are not bad but they reduce the level of customization you can achieve with separate options.


The power of the motor decides how fast your hair dryer works.

Motors are of two types – AC and DC. The latter is said to be more powerful than the former but does not last for long. Anyway, if you have too thin or fine hair, your hair dryer need not be too powerful.

Also know that the higher the power, the higher is the consumption of electricity. So, if you like using your dryer regularly, you might notice a spike in your electricity bills.


A concentrator is a small and narrow tool attached to the mouth of the hairdryer that efficiently directs the air-flow to a particular section of the hair. Due to this, that section is quickly heated and dried. The concentrator is a very important part of a good-quality hairdryer.

Length of the cord

If the length of the cord is too short, maneuvering around the hairdryer will become quite difficult. Hence, look for a hairdryer that has a long cord. (if you are not going for a cordless hairdryer)

Generally, 9 feet is the threshold factor for convenient length. But, it differs from person to person.


When a product has a warranty for quite a long time, it means that it is good. So, look for a hair dryer that has a warranty of at least a year.

Other attachments

Many hair dryers have filters (mostly removable) at the back which help with the styling of hair. Then, there are the diffusers that help in maintaining the curls. Diffusers are essentially helpful to people who love their curly hair.

Most of the hair dryers are also provided with a cold shot button which can be switched on after drying the hair. Its function is to set the hairstyle.

Location of switch

In some hair dryers, the switch is located at the back while in the rest, it is located on the side. The only problem with the side-arrangement is that it can be knocked over while operating the hair dryer.

These are a few of the important factors that must be on your checklist when you are searching for the best hair dryers India.

Hairdryers that are the most popular in India

Now, we are going to see seven of the best hair dryers India-based branches of companies have brought to our market. These have gathered lots of rave reviews and are available online and offline at attractive prices.

1. Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer

best hair dryers India

The first hair dryer on this list is from a well-known and trusted electronics company called Philips. It is available everywhere and has great features.


  • Wattage – 1000 W.
  • The length of the cord is 1.5 meters.
  • It has a concentrator that helps in the quick healing of the hair.
  • It has a temperature setting (called ThermoProtect) that heats the hair without damaging it.
  • It has dual speed and heat settings (separate).
  • The hairdryer also has a storage hook for convenient storage.
  • It has a warranty of 2 years.

2. Havells HD3270 Hair Dryer

best hair dryers India

The second product on the list is a highly recommended hair dryer from the electrical equipments company Havells. It has a lot of features and is also reasonably priced.


  • Wattage – 1700 W.
  • This product has a narrow concentrator for easy drying and styling of hair.
  • It also offers a diffuser for maintaining and enhancing the curls.
  • It has dual heat and speed settings.
  • There is a cold shot button for setting the styled hair.
  • It also has an optimum temperature arrangement to evenly dry the hair without damaging it.
  • The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty for this high-quality hair dryer.

3. Panasonic EH-ND12-P62B Hair Dryer

best hair dryers India

The next hairdryer is from another popular electronics company called Panasonic. This one has great features too and comes at a good price.


  • Wattage – 1000 W.
  • The length of its cord is 1.8 meters.
  • It has a removable nozzle that directs the air-flow and allows smooth hair drying.
  •  It has 3 heat settings and 2-speed settings.
  • It also has a Turbo Dry mode which can be used for quicker drying of hair.
  • The hair dryer has a cool air feature that helps in setting the styled hair.
  • The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty for this product.

4. Hana Skin Plus Professional Hot And Cold Hair Dryer

best hair dryers India

The next one in line is a hair dryer that is mostly used by professionals. Manufactured by the well-known brand Hana, this product has gathered lots of positive feedback and is highly recommended.


  • Wattage – 2000 W.
  • It has a long-lasting and powerful AC motor.
  • The material used is tourmaline which combines the characteristics of both ceramic and titanium.
  • It works using the negative ionic technology.
  • The package also consists of two differently sized removable concentrator nozzles.
  • It has 2 settings for speed and 3 heat settings.
  • It also has a removable filter for easy cleaning.
  • It has a compact design that makes it easy to carry wherever you go.
  • It also a quiet motor that does not make much noise.

5. Surker SK-3901 Hair Dryer

best hair dryers India

The fifth hair dryer is an equally popular one from the brand Surker. It has remarkable features, a great price, and a satisfied customer base.

What more could you ask for from one of the best hair dryers India has?


  • The length of its cord is 2 meters.
  • Wattage – 3000 W. This power is enough to tame even the thickest of curls.
  • It has a powerful and long-lasting AC motor.
  • It also has 2 concentrator nozzles to efficiently direct the air-flow.
  • It has a cool air button to lock the style in place.
  • The number of speed settings is 2.
  • The number of heat settings is 3.
  • The filter is removable and can be cleaned regularly for extending the life of the hair dryer.

6. Substantial Premium Hair Dryer

best hair dryers India

The sixth hairdryer is honestly an underdog that performs just as well as the branded hair dryers. It has the features that could make it the best hair dryers India has but the lack of publicity has affected its popularity. 


  •  Wattage – 2000 W.
  • The length of its cord is 2 meters.
  • The number of heat settings is 2.
  • The number of speed settings is 2.
  • It does not make much noise when it is being operated.
  • It also has a hanging loop.
  • The package has a styling nozzle and a diffuser for styling curly hair.
  • This hairdryer is available at an attractive price.

7. Carrera 631 Professional Hair Dryer

best hair dryers India

The seventh hair dryer we have got here is from the professionally recommended brand Carrera. It has great features and is worth the money you would be spending on it.


  • This hairdryer can be used by both men and women.
  • Wattage – 2400 W.
  • It has a powerful AC motor that provides air-flow up to the speed of 190 kilometers per hour.
  • The air coming from the hair dryer is infused with argan oil and keratin which work wonders for your hair.
  • The hairdryer comes with a narrow concentrator nozzle and a diffuser for the curls.
  • It has a negative ion generator that can be switched on and off.
  • The number of levels for speed adjustment is 2.
  • The number of levels for heat adjustment is 3.
  • It is very comfortable to hold and does not make much noise.

There are many hair dryers out there that can be named one of the best hair dryers India has. But, what matters is whether they are good for your hair because no two hair texture is the same. They might be similar in some ways but not the same. So, understand your hair type, keep all the factors in mind, listen to what professionals have to say (if you regularly visit one), and then look for what suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, let’s move on to some of the most common doubts people have when they think about hair dryers.

1. Which hair dryer is the least damaging?

Hairdryers are not bad for your hair. If you are planning to buy a hairdryer, just make sure you buy one that has an overheat protection feature. Also, you can spritz some heat protection spray before you start with the drying.

So, choose whichever hair dryer that fits your budget and buy a heat protection spray just in case.

2. Why are ionic hair dryers better?

Ionic hair dryers are better because apart from drying the hair, they also give a sleek and shiny appearance to the hair by controlling frizz.

3. Why do hair dryers stop working?

If your hair dryer has stopped working, the most common reason for it would be not cleaning the filter properly. Also, there might be some problem with the motor or something must have gotten stuck in the filter, for example, a bunch of hair strands or dust.

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