7 Best highlighter in India

best highlighter in india

7 Best highlighter in India

Highlighters, or should we call them, the one saving grace of the beauty industry, have evolved over the years to normalize the celebrity-secret star-level radiance that girls have desired for years now. And it is true- Highlighters are heaven-sent, shimmery godly, creations in small, almost packages, and nothing could explain or exceed the magnitude of power these tiny products hold. Indulging in a highlighter as a part of your everyday beauty regime also means investing in being your best, most blinding self, and that’s the thing about highlighters- their empowering knows no bounds, and you’ll notice this on your search for the best highlighter in India.

So it goes without saying that the best highlighter in India can go a long way in accentuating your natural beauty and mind and gearing up for the competitive world out there. A tiny swab of glitter, after all, makes life infinitely better.

How To Choose The Perfect Best highlighter in India

Deciding that you’re purchasing the best highlighter in India is well and good, but exactly how are you to procure this bundle of shimmery happiness into your life? Are there rules, regulations, or a procedure on how you’re to highlighter-shop? Well, we can’t outline any rules, but here are some guidelines to consider before you get a highlighter to ensure that you buy the right one.

  • Skin Tone

The most integral part about buying the best highlighter in India is its compatibility with your skin- especially Indian skin tones. A product would display absolutely no resourcefulness if it didn’t comply with your needs- and that is the case with a highlighter as well. Skin types and Skin tones span across a wide range, and a highlighter that is off by even one shade can result in hazardous consequences that are going to have all the wrong influence on both your appearance and skin.

Thus, the best highlighter for Indian skin should be one that will efficiently coat your face with the right layer of concealers, rather than douse you in a color that completely clashes with your skin tone. This can be harder to achieve on Indian skin tones, which are highly dynamic in nature.

Here’s the consensus of shades regarding your Indian skin tone:

Medium and Olive Skin– A medium or Olive skin remains welcoming towards golden and peach shades that settle lightly and give the cheeks a full and content look. This is because these shades work well with your skin tone to bring out your lovely tan.

Dark Skin– Dark skin is branded for rich and exquisite highlighter tones like rose gold and bronze. These shades complement dark skin majestically. If you have dark skin, make sure to choose pigmented products rather than dull and icy tones that may project contrastingly to the desired glow and radiance.

  • Skin Type

Skin type is a highly relevant aspect when choosing what the best highlighter in india is and you must give it as much importance as you can muster. Applying an incompetent highlighter on your sensitive skin can make something go especially wrong. For instance, if you have large pores, using a highlighter in the wrong places can make them look larger than you like.

If you have dry skin, make sure to purchase a creamy or liquid hydrating highlighter that can constantly provide you with stimulation. Additionally, moisturize before you apply any highlighter on your dry skin.

best highlighter in India Review

1. Maybelline Face Studio Metallic Highlighter

Maybelline Face Studio Metallic Highlighter

The Maybelline Metallic Highlighter professionally covers your skin with a molten metallic sheen that shines with an increasingly radiating gradient as your day progresses. The Highlighter remains in action throughout the day to give you the extra length of confidence you need. It uses reflective and pearl pigments to bring out your natural, heaven-sent beauty and give it character.

  • The Maybelline Face Studio Highlighter is what you need if you’re going for a warm yet sharp and accentuated makeup look. The highlighter electrifies your look by dispensing a warm yet metallic sheen over your skin, which contributes to crafting more seductive cheekbones.
  • The highlighter is infused with reflective pigmented technology that absorbs the light around it and reflects it outside, conclusively adorning your face with a shimmery, glowy tone that can leave anyone breathless.
  • The highlighter can be applied as per levels according to the need of the hour. Just a casual workday? You can go for a light application that gives you a subtle glow. Is it time to party? The heavy application can suit such needs through a bold glow that shows off your strong personality.
  • The highlighter makes use of soft and lightweight powder that effectively stays on your skin throughout the long, dreary hours of the day.
  • Its use of wet technology to contrast light application with rich hues and heated tones to spice up your appearance, by accentuating rather than repealing.

2. Kiss Beauty Highlighter

Kiss Beauty Highlighter

The KISS Beauty Highlighter will be an investment that makes up the best part of your life. It’s moisturizing and accentuating capability instills confidence and radiance into your look- whether it’s a daily one or an exclusive one. It is made up of delicate formula that coats your skin and contours it visibly enough to enhance your best features.

  • Kiss Beauty has a set of highlighters that are available in 8 different shades, and they cover an entire range of light as well as dark skins! That means optimality no matter your skin color. Unlike most beauty products that tend to deviate from this value, Kiss Beauty believes that beauty exists despite one’s skin color, so go ahead and give your face the definition you want.
  • The additionally featured concealer palate works in combination with another contour palate, both of whom also offer 8 different shades, and support your highlighter in covering up your dark circles, acne blemishes, or hangover looks.
  • Kiss beauty is even chemically structured to support your natural skin formula and prevent it from ever deteriorating. It helps retain your natural glow by moisturizing and protecting your skin from further damage.
  • This color corrector has a thicker layer than your foundation. Its cream-based structure allows it to remain intact on your skin for long hours and hold your look together.
  • The color palette of the concealer is packed into a compact design that is easy to not only use but also carry around for a quick fix.

3. Wet n Wild Mega Glo Highlighting Powder (Highlighter)

Wet n Wild Mega Glo Highlighting Powder (Highlighter)

The Wet N Wild Highlighting Powder has become not only the best highlighter for face, a popular addition in the world of Mega Glo Highlighting Powders. You may be wondering is its reputation exceeds its use, it is just a highlighter at the end of the day- and that’s where you’re going wrong. The Wet n Wild Mega Glo Highlighting powdered is manufactured through simple means to give you a large, shimmery blowout. Whether you use it every day or save it for the best occasions- your wet n wild highlighter will add ten ounces of shine and shimmer to the experience.

  • The wet n wild highlighting powder gives you a blossoming glow that rivals the Sun. The highlighter accentuates your facial angles into catwalk-ready cheekbones.
  • It is infused with ultra-reflective and micro-fine pearl pigments that absorb and reflect the light around them to characterize your face with an unmatched radiance.
  • The highlighter is exercised through a creamy layer formula that glides smoothly over your skin. Its silky smooth texture leaves ample room for beautiful blending and definition.
  • The creamy layer also admittedly sticks to your skin for a long time so you don have to concern yourself with re-application as you go about your day.

4. Swiss Beauty Brick Highlighter

Swiss Beauty Brick Highlighter

The Swiss Beauty Brick Highlighter exists only to remodel your look with grace and radiance so you’ll never have to exist out of the spotlight. This Baked Blusher and Highlighter instantly define your cheekbones with sheer magnificence and give them a powerful look that will have all of your pursuits caught under your spell. The Swiss Beauty Brick Highlighter glow is completely natural and long-lasting, with shiny side effects so really- you’re getting the longer end of the stick.

  • The Swiss Beauty Brick Highlighter fits perfectly into your everyday makeup routine through its micro-shimmer infused highlighting technology. This imparts a significantly small yet effective quantity of shimmer onto your skin so that you get more out of less.
  • When looking for a highlighter, the lightweight application is an important feature that is commonly favored by the ladies! The Swiss Beauty Brick Highlighter gives you exactly that by enabling a breezy application of powder and having it stick well to your skin for a long time.
  • The Swiss Brick Beauty Highlighter is made to blend not only into your beauty regime but onto your skin in a way that is just noticeable despite its minimalistic coating.
  • This Beauty Highlighter does not limit its functions to being a mere highlighter. No, your Swiss beauty highlighter product goes above and beyond to embellish you with a fully contoured look by acting as your blush and bronzer too.
  • This highlighter is dermatologically tested and proved to be not only effective but decidedly safe and healthy in its use.

5. Makeup Revolution London Vivid Shimmer

 Makeup Revolution London Vivid Shimmer

A combined bronzed-highlighter look is important to create powerfully moving contours within your face that bring out the best of your features. The Makeup Revolution London Vivid Shimmer does just that with its radiant pigment-infused technology. It allows you to mix and blend five different shades of shimmer for a classy and unrivaled definition.

  • The Makeup Revolution London Vivid Shimmer truly stands for its name. It revolutionizes your entire makeup look by giving you an unfathomable vivid definition that brings your cheekbones to life.
  • This product combines the highlighter with a bronzer to progressively prioritize a beautiful and glowing look in your makeup routine.
  • The highlighter is equipped with 5 different shades, so it can give you the sine and shimmer you deserve no matter your skin tone or type. Additionally, you can mix different shades to create an effective contour over your face.
  • Not only is this highlighter economical, but it is also proven eco-friendly as its manufacturing is serviceable vegan and cruelty-free. It is made up of 100% naturally extracted materials that involve no harm to life.

6. Sivanna Shimmer Highlighter

Sivanna Shimmer Highlighter

Prepare yourself and get control-ready, because this Sivanna Shimmer Highlighter is taking you to Havana (oh nana). This Highlighter provides your skin with a strong yet light dusting effect so you look demurely radiant in all the right ways. Use the Sivanna Shimmer Highlighter to coat your cheekbones in the glow and achieve the looks of the stars.

  • The Sivanna Shimmer Highlight is built to focus on your pores and blemishes not only safely but also healthily. The product has a history of natural raw materials, through which it is developed, and hence its treatment on your skin is just that- raw and natural and undamaging.
  • The Highlighter is a double-sided bronzer stick, and the combined use of them both can help to create a gorgeous, alluring and sultry look with a creamy velvet-like finish that makes you look straight out of a movie by giving you those high definition cheekbones.
  • The Highlighter is integrated with the use of an illuminating cream made up of soft texture and delectable color that gives flavor no matter your skin type. It applies smoothly and instantly transforms your face into looking active.
  • The highlighter is available in four different colors and shades that can have an instantly beautifying effect no matter your skin type. The delicate texture of the cream is designed to flow smoothly over your skin to not inflict any damage. The soft reflective ion contours and highlights your face into a lovely, seductive glow.

7. INCOLOR Waterproof Baking Highlighter

 INCOLOR Waterproof Baking Highlighter

The INCOLOR Waterproof Baking Highlight is the best highlighter india, designed for the ladies, to provide them with newfound confidence and grit by empowering them through a strong, pigmented appearance. The Highlight achieves this by coating your cheekbones so that they angle out into an alluring and powerful facial structure enhanced by luxurious radiance and glow. What makes it better is the fact that it genuinely lasts, so it sticks with you through the thick and thin parts of your day.

  • The Baking Highlight by Incolor will be an invaluable addition to your makeup kit! Factored with soft reflective ions, this Baking Highlighter gives full and perfect coverage to span over your entire face while consequently accentuating your spectacular angles.
  • This highlight provides an all-day long-lasting glow that provides serves to bring out your best facial features for everyone to admire and appreciate.
  • The Highlight feature is further aided by its lightweight texture. It does a great job of blending into your skin, and gives you just the right amount of shimmer to make you shine.
  • This highlight further supports your every day busy endeavors through its easy application. With the Incolor highlighter, giving your skin that startling finish is just a five-minute job! The highlight is expressed in the form of a powder that sticks easily to your skin.  
  • The highlighter is made up of luxurious formula that is packed with pigments that are not only helpful in accentuating your beauty, but also retaining your natural features.

A highlighter can be an absolute pleasure to own- especially when you’ve got one that is perfectly compatible with your skin. Highlighters go out of their way to help you maintain a lively and bright, yet delectable appearance by highlighting and shadowing angles on your face that works best. The best highlighter in India can help you leave a lasting impression no matter where you go or who you meet. To get the most out of your highlighter, the list of the best highlighter in India above has carefully considered skin tone and type expectations and presented you with foolproof products that will work wonders on your skin.


What do highlighters do?

Highlighters are cosmetic products that are used to highlight and contour spots on your skin by reflecting light. By doing so, they exhibit a radiant glow that can have you looking like a goddess.

What is the best highlighter?

Many competitive and compatible highlighters are available for your use. However, refer to the list above if you want to find out what works as the best highlighter in India for you.

Are highlighters safe?

Most makeup highlighters are made using natural and raw ingredients and are consequently safe in their application.

Are highlighters washable?

Yes, all makeup highlighters are easy to wash off once you’re done wearing them. Washing your highlighter off should also be an important part of your day because if they stick to your skin overnight, they can have damaging effects.

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