Review of The body shop Fuji green tea body butter

Review of The body shop Fuji green tea body butter

Review of The body shop Fuji green tea body butter

Review of The body shop Fuji green tea body butter

Hey everyone,

Today I thought to review one of my favorite and most used body butter. And that is the Fuji green tea from the body shop. The Fuji green tea collection has various other products but the body butter is my favorite. I have dry skin in winters and oily skin in summers so; the Fuji green tea body butter comes to my rescue.

Let’s get into the details of the product-

Packaging –

The green tea body butter comes in a light minty green colored round tub like plastic container. It is available in two different sizes- 50ml and 200ml. It is priced for Rs.1095 for the 200ml pack.  The packaging looks good but the only problem is you have to put in the fingers inside the tub every time you apply the body butter. This I feel is quite unhygienic.

the body shop fuji green tea body butter

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Fragrance –

It has a very subtle fragrance of green tea. People who do not opt for strong smell will definitely like it. Although the body butter has a mild scent, it did stay on me for many hours. I personally did not like the smell at first but gradually after using it again and again I started liking the fragrance.  I feel the smell of the body butter is very refreshing.

Ingredients –

The key ingredient is the green tea. Green tea as we know has anti oxidant properties that are beneficial for the skin in many ways.

Product description –

Description as mentioned in the packaging is as follows –

  • Gives 24 hours intense hydration.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • It contains antioxidant green tea.
  • Gives a healthier feeling skin on regular use.

My experience with the Fuji green tea body butter from the body shop –

Pros –

  • Packaging is very appealing.
  • Has a very soothing and refreshing fragrance.
  • It is extremely light weight body butter and does not leave my skin greasy at all.
  • Suits well for my oily skin.
  • Completely sinks into the skin quickly.
  • The texture is very smooth and feels silky on skin.
  • Skin stays moisturized and hydrated for long hours.
  • Refreshing scent of the body butter continues to stay for much longer time.

Cons –

  • Not very hygienic and travel friendly because of the tub packaging.


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