Maybelline hyper curl volum' express mascara


Maybelline hyper curl volum' express mascara

If you don’t have time for your eye regime, all you need is a mascara that instantly pops up your sleepy eyes. Mascara helps in opening up the eyelashes hence, making your eyes look bigger and fresh.  Maybelline hyper curl volum’ express mascara is the go to product when you are lazy for an eye makeup. It is available in both waterproof as well as washable forms. With just a single coat of the hyper curl mascara the eye lashes looks voluminous and super curled.

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Volume and price of hyper curl volum’ Maybelline mascara

The hyper curl volum’ mascara from Maybelline is one my favorite mascara. I have been using this for years and have not yet found any other product that can compete with this at this price range. It comes with a volume of 9.2ml for just Rs.325.

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Maybelline mascara for me

The color of the mascara is jet black. It lasts throughout the day if applied in generous amount. The hyper curl mascara does clump a bit if not applied properly but that again can be managed. It is smudge proof as well. This is my handy mascara which I use every day as it is easy to remove. I don’t even remember the number of bottles I have used of the Maybelline hyper curl volume express mascara. I love the texture of my eyelashes after applying the hyper curl mascara.

The curved wand helps in curling the eyelashes. The only con of this mascara is that the curved structure of the bristles in the wand makes it difficult for application of the mascara in the lower eye lashes and in the inner corners as well but again this can be surpassed with the huge no. of pros of this mascara.

If you are a beginner and looking for some good quality and don’t want to spend much in a mascara, then I would recommend to go for the Maybelline hyper curl volum’ express mascara.

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