Lakme eyeliner- top 5 eyeliner review

Lakme eyeliner- top 5 eyeliner review

Lakme eyeliner- top 5 eyeliner review

Lakme eyeliner- top 5 eyeliner review

Today I will review some of my favorite eyeliners from Lakme that are easily available at an affordable price.

 1. Lakme insta eyeliner

Lakme started its eyeliner series from this product. Since then, the eyeliner has been the most sold product of lakme. It comes with a 9ml glass bottle and cap cum brush applicator. The bristles of the applicator are smooth but I personally feel that it is ideal for thick eyeliners. This is probably Lakme’s highest volume and the cheapest eyeliner. Lakme insta eyeliner is the liquid eyeliner which gives jet black color on application. It is perfect to create thick winged eyeliner.

Lakme insta eyelinerbuy now blue

2. Lakme absolute shine line eyeliner

It is from my favorite ‘absolute’ range of Lakme and my personal favorite too. I have been using this Lakme eyeliner since years and I totally love the way it portrays my eyes. One of the best liquid eyeliner, I must say. The bristles are super smooth and gets applied on the eyelid easily. It comes in five different shades- sparkling olive, shimmer bronze, liquid gold, grey and black.

Lakme absolute shine line eyelinerbuy now blue


3. Lakme absolute forever silk eyeliner

This Lakme absolute eyeliner is in a pen form which makes it easy for applying smoothly on the lids. It is of creamy texture so it feels soft and is also water resistant. This again comes in a variety of colors namely- electric violet, jaded mint, blue cosmic and black fast. Lakme eyeliner contains Vitamin E in its formulation. The eyeliner is water proof and smudge proof.

Lakme absolute forever silk eyelinerbuy now blue

4. Lakme 9 to 5 eyeliner

The black impact 9 to 5 eyeliner gives the exact intense black color to the eyes. It stays on for a good time as far as liquid eyeliners are concerned. It dries faster and is smudge free. The applicator has got a nice grip to hold and make that perfect eyeliner for your favorite occasion. The packaging of the bottle is very pretty. It comes in 3.5ml rose gold colored bottle with a golden cap or brush.

Lakme 9 to 5 eyelinerbuy now blue

5. Lakme absolute precision liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner with a felt tip makes easy for beginners to learn winged eyeliners. The felt tip allows to choose between thin and thick liners. The formula is smudge free, quickly drying and long lasting.

Lakme absolute precision liquid eyelinerbuy now blue

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